S3D-Posemap has fewer morphs than S3D-Map, simply because it is poseable and can be bend in various ways. In the end I put in some morphs for the gaps, the edges and the last facets on the left and the right. The pose file Gap Morphs sets them all and the pose file No Morphs removes them.
S3D-Posemap supports 8 Gap Morphs. They are distributed over different body parts and their location can be seen at the image to the left. The corresponding body parts are as follows: center - Gap-LM, left04 - Gap-LL, left05 - GAP-UL, left08a/b - GAP-L, right02 - GAP-UM, right04 - GAP-LR, right05 - GAP-UR, right08a/b - GAP-R.
The 4 Edge Morphs should add a little to the flexibility. They are located at the outer body parts as shown at the image to the left. The Gap pose files also affect that morphs.
S3D-Posemap also supports 4 Roll Morphs. They allow to bend the last facets on the outmost left and right sides and they belong to these body parts (left08a/b, right08a/b). The image to the right shows some details how these body parts look like and what part is affected by the morph. These morphs are partially used in the Scroll and Roll pose.