All these stories are longterm projects. New pages are added from time to time.
The Gem
An epic fantasy story about a peaceful little kingdom on a small island far from the mainland and a prince, who learns the truth about the world, the history of the lands and an upcoming threat to all people in the world.
...and he learns about the past of a small gem.
Rendered in Poser, Carrara and Vue.
Dust of Dawn
Mankind finally starts to conquer the stars and learns that there other intelligent beings in our galaxy. Unexpectedly they also do not only find other human civilizations, but also traces of an older human civilization, that was crushed to dust during their dawn by an unknown, but powerful enemy.
Will be started in 2006.
Strange Lands
When Mathew inherited an old house, he didn't know that inside was a gate to a mysterious world. Curiously he started to explore the place and soon couldn't find back. The only chance was to solve the riddles and find the answers to the life of his ancestor.
Will be started in 2006.